About Us

WIS Quality Policy

Witty International School is committed to:

  • Providing consistent quality in educational services by adopting the highest standards of quality.
  • Providing an unparallel education experience to students.
  • Creating an environment where every student strives towards excellence, leadership and world citizenship.
  • Ensuring that students are moulded into responsible and informed citizens.

About Us

Dr. Vinay Jain
Dr. Vinay Jain

Dr. Raina Jain
Dr. Raina Jain

Established in 2000, with the noble aim of providing education to the youth of India, The Witty Group of Institutions is an Organisation founded and promoted by the noted Educationist Couple Dr. Vinay Jain & Dr Raina Jain under the aegis of VJTF Group of Companies. Both are Merit Ranker Medical Graduates having converted their passion for education into their profession. Both are well known personalities in the field of education today.

Witty Group of Institutions is the result of intensive research and dialogue with Parents, Students and Institutional heads from various parts of the country. The aim behind establishing this Organisation has always been to provide a holistic education that enables growth, optimism, hard work and an all round development with a better understanding of the cultural, moral and social contexts of one’s lives.

There is no denial for the need of quality education in India. Only a literate, critically thinking young population will be able to ensure a balanced and sustainable growth in the country. Schools are the primary platform for delivering this.

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The Wittian Code Of Conduct

A student studying and passing out of WIS shall practice the following code of conduct throughout his life:


7 Vows Of A Wittian

  • To practice Non Violence, Peace and Harmony in thoughts, words and deeds.
  • To seek, face, support, accept and speak the Truth.
  • To practice Honesty and never to take or achieve anything by force, theft or cheat.
  • To practice Self Restraint and Avoidance of waste.
  • To have Compassion and Empathy for others.
  • To Give what one expects to Receive.
  • To Do what needs to be done.

Our Emblem

The shape of our entire emblem is a Circle. A circle represents a well rounded individual in harmony; not just with himself or herself but also with the universe.

Circle linking raised hands stands for our future global citizens unified in their dreams of working towards a better tomorrow. The lower half of the ring of children is in a shade of green meaning the hope and acquisition of balance and freedom to pursue new ideas. The green shades into blue representing peaceful broadened perspectives to learning new information. The ring is completed in a shade of red symbolizing dynamic energy necessary to work with confidence on new ideas.

The globe in the centre of the emblem represents our core desire, expressed in the words of our mission statement “On The Top Of The World”. Yellow is used for the key words as it brings with it high intellectual energy required to reach the pinnacle of our dreams. To complete the emblem are two stars in orange that proudly boast of the enthusiasm and creativity with which the whole school functions.